Bevelee Jay Leask


Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in gut health and food intolerances

‘Humans are complex systems in relationship with complex environments, it is logical that we consider our internal and external health holistically’.

Nutritional Therapy

We live in a fast paced world, with little opportunity to discuss our journey, and yet, an emphatic approach can often be enough to improve health outcomes. My commitment to you is that I will listen to your journey. 

I strongly believe that nutrition is more than what we eat. Nutrition involves us taking responsibility for ourselves, it involves how we think and our internal dialogue, it is how we engage with our environment and how we interact with others, it is how we move and how we breathe

As a partnership, you and I will build resiliency and map out a pathway to restore your health and well being by supporting you as a whole person

I will apply a functional medicine approach to nutritional therapy which will allow me to consider all areas of the body, from top to toe

Let’s work together

I work alongside clients that would like to improve their health and well being and with those that have chronic health conditions.