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About Bevelee

Hi, I’m Bevelee a registered nutritional therapist. My clients tell me that they are embarrassed about their belching and wind and are constantly worried about urgently needing the toilet! They tell me that they want to be able to eat out with friends, dance at a festival or concert – WITH CONFIDENCE! They tell me that they want to eat well and not experience a huge tummy from bloating – that food has become a nightmare and is no longer a joy.

I hear how frustrating it is to feel confused about what is really going on inside your body. IBS is an umbrella term for many symptoms, current diagnosis offers no lasting solutions. I can help you to regain control of your digestive system so that you can feel confident again, feel well again and restore your energy so that you can to do all the things that you have been afraid to do.

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Taking The Next Step

I have walked in your shoes, I know how distressing it is to be confused about what should be a simple choice of what to eat and what not to eat. With the correct guidance I found my way and I am excited to help you too!

Does this sound familiar?

“I’ve had a heap of blood tests, been investigated from both ends and I’m told everything is fine”.

The question remains…

“Why do I still have symptoms?”.

Take that first important step towards wellness and book a free enquiry call with me.

I will support you in achieving your goals by addressing the underline cause of your symptoms and provide you with a lasting solution. One that suits your unique needs.

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What is Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy benefits from using a functional medicine approach which means that I will consider all areas of the body, from top to toe. I recognise that each person is biochemically and genetically unique. Therefore, my case-taking is detailed, and much time is dedicated to evidence-based research to define personalised nutrition and lifestyle protocols rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I will use a wide range of tools to identify the root cause of your symptoms and health concerns.

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My commitment to you is that I will listen to your journey.

I work alongside clients that would like to improve their health and well being and with those that have chronic health conditions.

Symptoms Of The Gut That I Approach

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